• Melbourne

    The stonework in this apartment indicates that nothing is impossible with Adriatic Stone. Not only did this work require bringing together the brilliantly designed mix of Calacatta marble, polished granite and honed

    and honed (Matt) granite, but all the stone had to be lifted 12 floors. The owners of this property have been so delighted with the work of the designer and Adriatic Stone, that they keep coming back.

  • Mt. Martha

    Challenges are welcome at Adriatic Stone. This stone kitchen bench had a 2.2m cantilever. Also long pieces of stone had to be carefully lifted up several flights of stairs. To set off a superb bench, the patterns

    in the marble were carefully lined up, and edge joints made seamless to give the solid look required by such a long bench. It is this ‘finesse’ that makes Adriatic Stone stand out amongst stonemasons.

  • Beaconsfield Pde

    This magnificent beach-side house features a spiral staircase between floors. The challenge for Adriatic Stone was that each stone step was a wedge that had to fit into an individual shape within a previously fabricated steel frame.

    Position and levels were critical. Adriatic Stone’s tradesmen meticulously worked within these restraints to ensure the quality of the job matched the grandeur of the house. The result was stunning.

  • Red Hill Epicurean Restaurant

    The Epicurean used Adriatic Stone and the subtleties of marble bench tops to tie together the food preparation and serving areas in the pizza/pasta restaurant. Using the same marble in a delicate hearth for the open fire, continued this warm visual link.

    For this fireplace, Adriatic Stone used book-matched pieces of marble with mitre joints to give the impression of it being a solid piece. The secret to this is an exact join, which Adriatic excels in through the use of its specialty cutting equipment.

  • Safety Beach

    To manufacture and assemble a grand marble staircase, such as in this Safety Beach house, requires exact measurement as well as precision manufacture and careful assembly.

    The superior skill of Adriatic Stone's tradesmen delivered brilliantly. The elegance of marble and the contemporary look of glass and stainless steel, formed a perfect match for the house.

  • ​MCG

    This long bar in the MCG members area required repeated grooves along the front to break up the long expanse of stone, and to create a stylised effect. Adriatic Stone achieved this by using specialised 

    CNC milling equipment that is rare among stone companies in Melbourne. What made the finished article stand out was the attention to detail and precision provided by the Adriatic Stone tradesmen. 

  • ​Mt. Martha

    The right choice of stone can make the real difference in a bathroom. This bathroom was set-off superbly by the workmanship of Adriatic Stone. In particular, 

    edges such as those on the basin are cut with extreme accuracy with Adriatic Stone’s precision machinery.

  • Toorak

    Limestone bench-tops.